Where do I start first?

A lot has happened in the last month and a half. The fist thing I can think of is the play that Tracy and I attended in Omaha. It was a group of three actors who acted out the feelings that women have after breast cancer treatment....waiting for normal to return! It was a great play and hit a lot of topics that face women in this situation. The actors were out of Canada. Tracy and I were trying to figure out how to get them to Lincoln next year! They also have a play that addresses metastatic cancer. I would be interested in seeing that too, I am sure a lot of the feelings are the same, but I assure you having metastatic cancer carries it's own special set of feelings.
Speaking of metastatic cancer, I finished my radiation to my rib and my pain is now gone. I don't thing the cancer in that area is all gone, but at least the pain is relieved. I am back to sitting at work! WooHoo! I love being lazy!
I did go ahead and run the Lincoln 1/2 Marathon, with encouragement from some, but not all. And to those of you that didn't want me to do it....poo on you. It may have saved my life, at least for now! As I was driving to Omaha after the Marathon to see Skye play baseball, I was feeling the sore muscles in my shoulders and chest from the run and accidentally found lumps in my neck, right above my left collarbone. The 2 lumps that I found were hard and not painful. This was worrisome to me! So, when I got to the game, I pulled aside my doctor friend and had him feel them. He told me to go have them checked out. So, the next morning I went and had them looked at by my oncologist. He sent me strainght down for scans. The scans showed abnormality only in that area. The rest of the scans were unchanged from before.
I went to the surgeon that same week and he took out the two biggest lymphnodes. They were positive for breast cancer. He said there were several smaller nodes that had also showed up on scans, but to remove them all was not a good idea, as it would cause a host of other problems.
When I went back in for my regular treatment, the doc added Arimidex to my treatment (which is a pill I take daily), and set me up to meet with a radiation oncologist, at my request.
I met with the radiation oncologist this past Thursday, and he spoke with me for 1 1/2 hours. He showed me what the CT scan showed, and we discussed treatment. He said that there was no need for me to do the radiaiton because the cancer was not causing me any pain or other symptoms, but I disagreed. I feel that being able to see and feel my cancer causes emotional symptoms and I want the area radiated! He said he would do it if that is what I wanted.
Yep, that is what I want. KILL THE CANCER!!!!! I go for my first treament tomorrow!
I will keep everone updated, as I have a lot more to BLOG about, but this is a bummer topic that I don't want to miss watching Chelsea Lately to discuss!
What am I thnakful for?! My 35th Birthday! The American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of MY birthday!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kick some cancer ASS!!

Anonymous said...

Ops...that's from me!!
Brandy :)