The Tracys

Today was treatment day, and I was actually kind of excited because I got to spend it with my friend Tracy! We are now on basically the same treatment. So, I think we are going to make it a date...every three weeks for a year. Then she will go on her way, and I will have to find a new buddy to carry on with! That shouldn't be too hard. There was a newly diagnosed girl there with the same type of breast cancer as Tracy and I. She looked younger than us, and both Tracy and I felt badly for her. What a scary time in her life. Hope we made it a little less scary with our laughter and carrying on!

Well, I know I said a while back that I was having a lot of rib pain which lead me to have some xrays. The xrays read, "complete destruction of the right posterior 7th rib, unchanged from 2006". Well, how would it be changed, would it be complete-er destruction of the rib? All I know is that the pain continues and has been there constantly for the last 2-3 months, despite trying tx with a new physical therapist/chiropractor. So, I had a new desk brought into my office so I can do all my computer work from a standing position. This has been helping. Most of the pain comes from sitting or lying down. Anyway, I think the lack of sleep is wearing on me...I don't cope with things very well when I am tired, and there are things that go on in everyday life that test your nerves and mine are frayed.

So.....I start radiation tomorrow. The will radiate my rib. The cancer starts in the back and has grown around the side of my body, towards the front...hence the pain.
They will do 10 treatments with radiation, and then they will assess my pain level and scan me again! I hope this works, because I ran the State Farm 5K 2 weekends ago, and was hoping to get into the upcoming 10K. This lack of training due to lack of motivation stemming from my weight gain, pain, and lack of sleep is not going to be all that helpful in getting me across that finish line but.....I can still walk....crawl! Never say never, right?! My last radiation treatment will fall on the day one of the greatest girls ever, Lori, runs the BOSTON MARATHON!!! Yeah for Lori!!! SHE ROCKS the kasbah!

However, on a very sad note, I have a funeral to attend this Wednesday. The benefit I went to in Seward that I was all excited about because I think the town really stepped up and helped out, well...Scott passed away on Saturday evening, leaving behind a beautiful young wife, an adorable little boy, and lots of family and friends...WHY!???? ........my thoughts and prayers have been going out to them for quite some time, and they continue on now. I am sending them all the love I can during this difficult time of trying to cope, care for a confused child, and make funeral arrangements. Please keep them in your thoughts too. You guys are the best!

On a brighter note, I get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, for free, in exchange for helping the Lincoln Jump Club promote a fundraiser weekend that they are having in July (more details to come). I am SOOO excited! One more thing to check off the bucket list!!! If things are going well, I am even going to packet a chute! I am so lucky to have this to look forward to!

What I am thankful for?!?! I am thankful that all the crap we as adults have to deal with, has not negatively impacted my children (too badly) as far as I can tell. They are both amazing boys. And, I am anxious to see Skye speak at the Relay team captain meeting tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

Love you! And yes YOU ROCK THE CASHBAR!! Lets get thru these now next 9-days TOGETHER!!! You know I am always here for you! Novartis here we come??!! I will be gone...but you know I am always right behing your buns...cheering you on! XXOO ~Lori

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!