Relay 2007 Wrap up

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back!
This blog is the best way to reach as many of the people that supported team Perseverance as possible, therefore, I am going to use this as my main method to THANK YOU ALL for your monetary (or otherwise) support of Team Perseverance!!!
Tonight we had our team captain Relay 2007 Wrap-up. I get to attend these meetings and events as a representative of all of you who are so much a part of our team, whether it be as a team member raising funds and walking all night long, a donor who donates your hard earned money because you believe in what we do, or simply as a much needed cheerleader who provides emotional support or word of mouth advertisement of our mission!
At tonight's wrap-up party we were told that this years Haymarket Park RFL raised $340,600+ dollars towards research, advocacy, education and services! This is amazing and proves that the power of friendship, compassion, and community CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Team Perseverance raised $21,652.40 of that amount!!!!! We hit and once gain SURPASSED the goal we set for ourselves!
I was presented with the one and only DIAMOND LEVEL FUNDRAISING SIGN of the night, and received a standing ovation...this is so humbling, as I know the credit belongs out there with all of you, and I appreciate all that you do to get Team Perseverance to where it is, which is leading the way to finding a CURE for this deadly disease!
The ACS funds more than $120 MILLION in cancer research a year! And has funded 3 BILLION dollars of cancer research since 1946, so you can see what a huge impact we are making! This does not even touch on the advocacy, education and services that they provide to cancer patients and their families! If it was not for the advancements in cancer treatments over the last even just 10 years, I would not be here 2 1/2 years following a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer. I owe my life to this valuable organization, and I hope that you all, with your own personal reasons for supporting the ACS's RFL will understand my gratitude and will also consider supporting us again next year!
Hope, Love, and Respect,
What am I thankful for?! All the wonderful people that I was able to represent tonight!


Anonymous said...

Special people do specail things, and you along with your entire Team Perseverance are special people. I very seldom struggle to find something to say, but the blog entry from today as well as #100 continue to show your Perseverance, and leave many of us speechless and humbled!

Keep blogging, smiling and simply being you, because this is infectious!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely amazing Tracy! You give many people the gift to stop and be thankful for the little things in life. The first day of kindergarten is indeed monumentous!!! And I told my kids to go dance in the rain the other day. (No, not during the hail and lightning storm Monday.) :)

Hang in there and keep on fighting!

Brenda K said...

I want to tell you again what an inspiration you are. You amaze me! I look at you and wonder if I could ever be as strong as you are? You are in my heart each and every day!
= ) Brenda

Anonymous said...

WOW A MAZE ING!!! Reading this gave tears to my eyes for the joy you must had enjoyed realizing you met your goal for the research and education of this disease...you are worth supporting honey!

Anonymous said...

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