No tears here!

Okay, from what I have gathered from the teary e-mails I have gotten from people, my last e-mail does not adequately express the humor and joy that is in my life...the everyday oddities that are what we are all about. We don't just talk about dying here! Geesh.

Forgive me, but this story is going to be about boobs(if the title didn't tip you off), so if that weirds you out, you can stop reading now....
So I am going to make this fairly elementary. I have one boob, and a few prosthetic boobs that I switch out on the other side. I have the swim boob(pretty self explanitory), there is the fancy going out boob (for cute little outfits), and the cotton fill boob (which would be the boob equivalent of the granny panty). So often times when we are home (without guests) I have a tendency to go uniboober and the prosthetic boobs get left lying around. My oldest son could walk past one all day and not even notice it, but my youngest son can not walk past one without giving it a little squeeze! (I know, there are guys high-fiving all over right now) So...the other day my youngest son picked one up, held it to his chest and danced around singing "I have a boobie, I have a boobie!" That is when my oldest son decided to chime in and grabbed one out of my closet and put it to his chest and said, "Look mom! Now we all have one boob!!!" ~Those are team players!

The other day in the middle of a down pour I danced in the rain with a friend! Everyone should try that sometime...it was VERY good for the soul! And...everyone should have the kind of friends that are willing to do it with you without batting an eye! Luckily I have several of those kinds of friends. I am forever blessed.

What am I thankful for?! Rain and the love and humor that my children provide me with daily!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making our day! We laughed and laughed about this.....My husband asked if Dan has a boobie. I can see Dan dancing around in the mix of things. Keep up the good work with the children!

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Little Ones who can make a song for the "Uni-Boober" and bring a smile to all of our faces.

Anonymous said...

That is just too, too, great!

Anonymous said...

As athletic as your family is you should have known you have 'team players'..I think you have done this with the best of integrity and dignity..& kids are the blessing we need everyday -- love to watch the world through their eyes..more people should..you should have had more of us join you in your dance -- hopefully you had a dry outfit nearby :) .. luv ya sister -- and granny panties aint bad -- it's always good to be safe :) .. you need to make sure you have now clean undies and a cotton boobie before you get in a car -- is that what are moms said before we would go out? sq