Did I forget a health update?

I had lab and chemo last week. It was uneventful. I have been having nearly daily headaches, so they did an MRI of my brain, which came out cancer free! Thank goodness! The doc thinks that I am having muscle tension headaches from the back problems that I have as a result of the radiation and compression fracture in my spine. Which is what I thought was probably happening. He gave me some muscle relaxers and told me to take Advil. It is working out pretty good. So, on the medical front, things are going WELL!
What else am I thankful for?! Good MRI results!


Anonymous said...

Tracy --

Congrats on hitting $20,000!!!!

No private team has ever accomplished this in Lincoln!!!

Everyone -- Team Perseverance Rocks!!!


Mo said...

"A hero is a person who goes on a journey for a greater good. A hero gains wisdom in this journey and contributes to others in a way they never could have imagined."
No question you are a hero! I saw you on television at the Relay and you were so beautiful! Congratulations on reaching your Relay Team goal.

Anonymous said...

Hey T,
You continue to be an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on the news Friday night, then you were in the Seward paper too!! You were wonderful in both!!

Stacey Fryc

Anonymous said...

You've accomplished so many things for helping fund the research on breast cancer! I know that it is but a small consolation for the trials that you face every day, but you inspire people constantly. Thank you for being you and continuing to be such a remarkable person!