Crazy Summer Months

Where do I begin?!
On a personal level, we have been busy with coach pitch baseball for Skye and tee ball for Laken. Both of the boys are doing great! Tee ball is fun to watch because the kids look so little! Half are chasing butterflys and the other half are making dirt castles in the field! Coach pitch is fun, because the boys are really starting to understand the game, and are getting into it! We also spent a week in Key West for my sisters wedding! It was the first time that the kids had been to the beach or snorkeled! It was a great time! I also got to go parasailing with my dad and with Dan, so that was a good time! We saw two HUGE sea turtles and a dolphin! It is pretty layed back there, and that is exactly what I was needing.
On a volunteer level, I received an award through my office for volunteerism, and got to take a little road trip to KC to meet the Regional Commissioner. I have also been chosen as the 2007-2008 Hero of Hope for the American Cancer Society. I affectionately refer to the honor as "my hope thing", because I think the word "Hero" is a little strong and don't feel comfortable in any sense referring to myself as one. I think I do what I do to keep myself grounded and busy, I am not sure that is a Hero thing, but if I can use this opportunity to talk to others who feel down about their cancer, help the ACS who has helped me, and help find a cure to this disease, I will do it! I will be in Dallas in August for my training, and again in October for my recognition and whatnot. I say whatnot, because I don't really know what this trip all entails! Probably a good thing! As far as the Relay goes, we have done a benefit concert, a golf outing and a 7 K run, with all the benefits going to the Relay. It has been a lot of fun, but also has been a lot of work, and taxing on my friends! I can't even begin to tell you how much time, energy, and funding has been donated by my friends. It is unbelievable how supportive they have been, and there is no way I will ever be able to repay them for all they have done. I hope they know how much this means to me, and how many people they are helping! It is not all about me, everyone is affected by cancer, whether they themselves have heard the works "You have cancer" or they have a friend or family member with cancer or who has died from cancer, all these people are helped.
What am I thankful for?! Quiet moments by the beach, the support of friends, summers filled with baseball games, and unconditional love.

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