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Okay, I am going to attempt this public speaking thing again. And because I want your Relay money, I am going to post the info about the event! If you come, expect the play to be good, and my part to be a little shakey! I am very nervous, but it is my story, and I think people should know that cancer can happen to anyone. Breast cancer doesn't just happen after your kids are all grown up!

"One Act play to focus on Breast Cancer Survivorship and also Tracy Harnly is going to tell her story. She is a breast cancer survivor and a team captain for the Relay For Life team "Perseverance".

One's Company, with actress Pippa White, will be performing L.B. 4:15 at7:00pm on Friday, March 16th, at the Lincoln Women's Club at 407 South 14th Street. The show is sponsored by Kastens Counseling & Resource Center and the Doane College Lincoln Campus as a fundraising effort to benefit the 2007 Lancaster County Haymarket Park Relay For Life.

L.B. 4:15 is a performance that concentrates on the 1993 Breast Cancer diagnosis of Sylvia Roba. "In the beginning," she said, "I wrote to save myself from despair." What she wrote was a one-act play. Surprising, provocative, and even funny.(L.B. 4:15 stands for Left Breast, 4:15pm. Sylvia felt that at times shewas no longer "Sylvia" but had been reduced to the location of her cancerand her appointment time.)

Admission to the one-act play will be $5 with 100% of the proceeds going to the Relay For Life. Dessert will be provided. There will be various items for sale at the fundraiser.

For questions, or to purchase advanced tickets,please contact Brenda Kastens at 402-540-4772 or at kastenscounseling@alltel.net. On street parking is available on 14th street. The Cornhusker Parking Garage is 1/2 block walking distance from the location."

What am I thankful for?! I am thankful that Brenda has the confidence in my ability to do this, and for giving me this opportunity to face my fear of public speaking for all the right reasons.


Anonymous said...

I have faith in you and am excited that you have chosen to share your story. I will be there.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to share your story and inform others! We are all so proud of you, your strength and determination! Good Luck -- but don't break anything, alright? I don't think Tums will cure broken bones -- although they DO have calcium :)

Anonymous said...

You will be great -- you have inspired others and knowing that you are provided good information to people and will have your support table there will help!! I am glad you have chosen to do this ..great luck -- I think they should give you 2 desserts for doing this too:)....sb

Anonymous said...

Just heard about your blog recently. We think of you, Dan & the boys so often but never pick up the phone..go figure. Robb & I are going to try to come Friday. You are amazing...your strength & drive are incredible. Plus, your boys...(ok Dan too)are so darn cute!!!! ;)
Robb & Marg Bohy

Anonymous said...

we are so proud to hear that you have been chosen to speak at this event. We know that you will do well, be a great inspiration to others, and have everyone open up their purses and wallets to give to a great cause.............love ya j & r