Keepin on...

Well, in what was found to be a very odd grouping of blog followers, it seems that people are still reading, so I am going to keep on blogging. Running report....not going so well. It hurts, and not the good kind of hurts. It has been bothering my back quite a bit, and I haven't even made it over 2 miles yet! So, I had to take a break. My rib has also been bothering me, but only if I sit for long periods of time, or if I lay on my right side at night, which I might add is how I sleep. Of course it is!!! So I have been waking up quite a bit at night.
What seems to be pushing me over the edge right now is a stupid cold! I can handle the cancer treatments, but the common cold....CAN'T THEY CURE THAT YET!!!? On top of all my other medications it is really wearing me out, and I HATE to be tired, there is just too much stuff to be done, and too much fun to be had!
I had treatment today, which was fairly uneventful physically, but being me, I had to make new friends, and when you are making new friends at a cancer center, it can be pretty emotional. I met a woman who has breast cancer that has spread to her colon, lungs, abdomen, brain, and basically all of her bones! When she first entered the hospital in 2002, they told her she had about two weeks to live. She has been in chemotherapy every Thursday since then, and she is still going! At one point the cancer had replaced so much bone that she had to get blood transfusions because she did not have enough healthy bone marrow to make new blood cells! Her current chemo is helping kill some of the cancer in her bones, and she is now making enough blood cells to maintain her body. She just went to Italy on vacation last year, and will be going to Greece in May! She is a fighter! Her sister is also fighting breast cancer, and her mother has since passed away from breast cancer. She will forever be in my thoughts and prayers!
I also met a man who has been diagnosed with lung cancer (not a smoker or a regular second hand smoker). His cancer had spread to his lymphnodes, and thoracic area. He has been through 4 chemo treatments and only has one small spot in his lung left. He is doing fantastic! We spent an hour talking about holistic treatments, nutrition, chemo treatments, and the fun of medication side effects! He is just starting a cancer study, to promote advances in lung cancer treatment. Awesome!
Now, I am off to a Relay for Life meeting! My personal fundraising totals just dropped from second to third place, but my team as a whole is in first place! Thanks to those of you that have already donated!
What am I thankful for?!?! People who share their stories and their lives with me, the beautiful pictures that my kids color for me, my husband who made my green tea this morning and stayed up and talked to me at 4am when I was stressed and crying, and for the Goehner Spaghetti Feed! That is good stuff!!!


Eric Teply said...

You are truly amazing, and you and your family must be incredibly strong to continue to Persevere!!! You are very similar to many cancer survivors in that we all think our story and our life is sometimes not as interesting as others who have or are battling, but I assure you that your story is one that inspires so many people. I sincerely enjoy seeing you smile and laugh at the RFL meetings, and even if you are winning an Oscar with the laughter and smiles you brighten and impact those who are at these meetings.

Stay strong and continue to celebrate life everyday with your husband and children!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously I think you should work on curing that common cold -- could be a good extra project for you! :) (like you need more) I am glad you such a great support system through Dan and keep getting those colored pages -- I bet one of them ends up being an artist..hope your ribs and back are better soon -- need to use those running shoes with the weather getting nicer...Breezy

Anonymous said...

I love spaghetti feeds. I wish I knew where to find them. I went to a random bar once and they had a spaghetti feed going on!! A little strange, but cool at the same time because Spaghetti rocks! And so do you chica!!!