Back into treatment.

Well, a lot has happen since I last Blogged, and I know there are a lot of rumors, true and untrue, circulating out there.

Here is the deal. The spots that they biopsied in my breast, some of those were cancerous and some of those were not cancerous. They sent them back to pathology to see if they are the same Her2/neu + breast cancer I have right now, or if they are a new type of breast cancer. I do not have an answer on this yet, nor do we have a plan set up to deal with them.

The other big news, which is very disappointing (but we can handle it) is that my back pain...which I was blaming on muscle spasms after my run, has progressed and is actually cancer in my spine. I had an MRI done, and the cancer is isolated to two levels of my thoracic spine. It is maintained within the bone and is not in the spinal canal at this time. I will start radiation treatment, hopefully on Monday. This will be directed at my spine and will be daily for 4-6 weeks.

I had all my other scans done as well, and everything else is stable. So...I am going to stay on Herceptin every three weeks, add radiation to the spine, and NOT start any further chemo at this time. They will watch me closely, and we will fight fires as they start!

I hope this clears things up!

What am I thankful for?!
I am thankful that my doctor looked into the possibility of cancer in my spine instead of just giving me pain killers and muscle relaxers. (Let's get this taken care of NOW!)
I am thankful for my FANTASTIC children whose innocence and love get me through the tough times! They are great snugglers!!!


Anonymous said...

You are always in my thoughts. Stay strong and keep hanging in there. And since I know you will run Sunday......Run like the wind(or at least a gentle breeze), but be careful.....K! Have at it!!! -pablo

Anonymous said...

Honey I hope you are feeling and you are still a great inspiration -- use those little babies for lots of hugs and love that they will be willing to give you -- it's amazing the strength you can get from them...my love & thoughts

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