Welcome to my Rollercoaster!

Well, it has been quite a month since I last sat here, about to pass into my one year survivorship anniversary.

I have been to Jamaica~ and almost didn't come back! (I could get used to that kind of lifestyle, but there is not much calling for a"professional resort bum".) When I got back I had to kick the running back into gear, because I virtually undid all my pre-trip training while I was in Jamaica!

I had a 10K race on April 22nd that I FINISHED which was my first goal, I was not last which was my second goal, and I beat my personal record which was my third goal, so all in all that race went well. Mostly thanks to my friend Lori for running next to me and reminding me not to walk! She kept saying "Tracy, you are a strong person, you can do this! You have beaten bigger things!" My thoughts~ Okay, you convinced me and you are right, I will just ignore the fact that my lungs are dragging on the ground behind me and I will keep running! You have to love friends like that!

Now, the next hurdle is the half-marathon which is quickly approaching~on May 7th! One must bear in mind that I had the 10K last weekend; it is now Friday, and due to some pretty nasty back spasms and some pretty stressful medical news I have not run all week! This does not make for good pre-marathon training!

First things first. The back spasms, I am blaming those on my dad because he has been getting back spasms for as long as I can remember. So, not only did I inherit his stunning good looks (if you like big ears), I also got his bad back! But, luckily for me I have a dear friend who is a chiropractor and she has been treating my back, so hopeful this will be resolved soon. I would like to get a couple more training runs in or I will stroke out running the half-marathon!

As for the disheartening medical news, it is not really all that tragic right now, but just quite stressful. I recently went in for a mammogram due to some breast pain that I was having. The mammogram showed that the calcifications that were still present at the site of my primary tumor after chemo, in August '05, are now virtually resolved(AWESOME NEWS), however, I now have a new area of calcifications in another area of my breast which are concerning to the docs. I had this area biopsied yesterday and will get the results on Monday.

Did I mention that I have a half-marathon to run in just over a week?!?! There will be no opting out of the marathon! (Sorry Dad and Dan, I know you worry, but I have to do this, and I will be FINE!) I just got my race shirt ordered. On the front it says "PERSEVERE" in honor of my fight against cancer, and on the back it says "Running in memory of (my cousin)" who was a supporter of me and a hero to many! I am counting on him to give me a little nudge from the heavens on the day of the run!

Well, there you have it! Happy Arbor Day & Hug a tree!!

What am I thankful for?!
I am thankful for the Relay for Life which gives me a positive distraction and a goal to work towards.
I am thankful for all of you that have donated to our cause and/or sent your well wishes!
I am thankful for my work friends who are going through cancer treatments~ my thoughts and prayers are with you.
I am thankful that my friend with a newly diagnosed tumor is STRONG and has a strong support network because that is so important, especially when you are in and out of the hospital and have small children! (You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!)

All my love,

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