Forgot to mention....

....I set up an appointment to meet with the Cancer Center Nutritionist next week. I have been reading a book called What your Doctor Did Not tell you about Breast Cancer (or something close to that, it is late...). It has really got me thinking about my diet and how it can help me improve my health and overall chances for survival! For any of you who are interested in preventing breast cancer in yourselves or a friend or loved one, it is a pretty good read and I can get you the exact title and author. If you are pretty emotional about my situation, I would maybe consider passing it up, it can be a hard read at times.

I am currently working on creating a data base of all the rx's, herbal supplements, and OTC drugs that I am taking, so I can share this with her when I go in. I am also pulling together information on diet and nutrition that I have heard and had passed on to me so as to get an opinion on these things too! I can feel battle heating up!!! =)