Chemo was a go!

Chemo #9 is down and chemo #10 is next week...then scans. Doc wanted to do 12 instead of 10...I gave him 'the look' and he smiled and said 10 was fine for now!
Yay! Knowing what I am dealing with is half the battle, and the last time I knew exactly was 9/27/10! Three months and 10 treatments is long enough to tell if the treatments are working in my 'Im-not-a-doctor-and-I-haven't-even-played-one-on-tv' opinion!

What am I thankful for!? A doc that 'gets me', mom picking my kids up from school and dinner done when I got home (yummy!), and some chat time with the ever so funny 'yellow shirt'! Lol! OH, AND FINISHING MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING FOR THE SECOND TIME. Being finished isn't very final...most of the time! 

ATTITUDE is everything!  Rock a fabulous one!!! *Tracy

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