Amazing boy.

Laken and I spent 6 hours together today, building a dresser, and we did it wrong so we can't when use it, but we high-fived our way through the parts we did right and had a great time working together....much patience and perseverance was shown by both of us! We will figure out how to fix it tomorrow.  I hope.
We also watched a Disney movie that turned out to have kids with a dad, but their mom had died. Laken was able to express his fears to me about the possibily of me dying, and we had a very mature discussion about it. I love that he is able to express his feelings with me. It means the world to me. I only wish Skye was able to do the same. He is much more closed up, emotionally.
What am I thankful for?! Another wonderful day with my children! Though we had some tears with a tough conversation, we were together and many more "I love you's" were exchanged!!! Hope and Love!

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