Follow up appointment

I went in Friday for a follow up appointment with the surgeon. He took out my staples, and one of my drains. I am still draining too much fluid to take the other one out. But he said that one will come out this Friday, no matter how much I beg to keep it! HA!
The surgeon said that the path report came back showing the cancerous breast tumors were removed completely and of the seven lymphnodes that were removed, NONE of them had cancer in them. He felt that this was AMAZING! So, I am probably not going to have to do radiation or any additional chemotherapy at this time. That is fantastic, but I don't find out for sure until I see my oncologist next Thursday.
I went shopping for a temporary boob...found it at Jim's Home Healthcare! I have a lot of jokes about that, but the self-esteem can't handle them right now, we will get back to those at a later date!
Not much else happening right now. I am trying to heal, and take care of a kid with strep throat. Always something!
What am I thankful for?! A funny and romantic episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Webkins (which keeps my sick kid busy), and 55 degree days in January!