The picture is coming together

It seems that each day for the last week and a half I have been given a small puzzle piece of information that will some day become a plan...
Today I met with the oncologist. He reviewed my scans with me. They still aren't seeing the spots that were in my liver, which is amazing, and the only cancer that they could see was in my breast, one rib, and in my spine, at the previous location. None of the spots (except the tumors in my breast) had grown, so the Herceptin, Zometa and Tamoxifen are apparently controlling them. My oncologist thought the most logical next step would be to have surgery to remove the breast. I agree.
I am scheduled to see the surgeon on Thursday, and at that time, I will get another piece of the puzzle and I will be that much closer to having a plan!
What am I thankful for?! Sushi, Angels that come in the night, and christmas pictures in the mail.


Anonymous said...

There has always been a plan for you and a plan for me but sometimes we don't know exactly what that plan is. I have a couple little angels who are watching over your every breath. Love-

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm still out here checking in on your blog. I keep you in my thougths and prayers. Your strength amazes me. I know your plan will all come together this week.

Sarah Bernhardt

Anonymous said...

Angels are a true blessing and I believe they sometimes come as butterflies so surround yourself with some butterflies too that day!! My thoughts are with you & yours always and best of luck on Thurs!! .. Breezy

Suzi said...

You are the strongest person I know. I'm sending my angels your way for as long as you need them. I'll be thinking of you Thursday!

Anonymous said...

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