Hello again...

I had treatment again last week. I also met with the doctor to see what he thought of my spine MRI's, and here is the deal. The cancer was in my spine at the T3 level, and I have a compression deformity at T11. They think the L4-5, L5-S1 is just degenerative disk disease, and while a handle a lot of claims for that at work, I was actually excited to hear that is what I had...beats cancer! Anyway, I do have to think about the area at T3, and as far as I understand it (which isn't saying a lot), when there is cancer that has spread to the bone, these spots can then fill in with either Osteoblastic material (in prostate cancer and in about 20% of breast cancer) or Osteolytic material (as in most breast cancer cases). The Zometa that my doctor was considering putting me on, helps in the cases of osteolytic lesions,because they are weaker tissue and the med helps strengthen the bone in that area...well, I am not like most cases, and mine has filled in with the hard, sclerotic, blastic tissue, so there is really nothing they can do for that at this time. I could go on the Zometa anyway, for the "potential" benefits for the breast cancer alone, but it isn't going to help my spine, and the side effects can suck, so...since the cancer is stable, we have decided to keep on the track we are already on, and hold off on adding anything new. He also did a manual exam of my breast and the area that I had lymphnode involvement due to some of my own paranoia, but he did not think he felt any chenges, so that is good.
On a different front, I contune to run. There is new research out every day on the benefits of running/exercise, and I more than anythhing, I think it helps my mental state to run. I am running between 3-5 miles 3 to 5 times a week depending what is going on! With the holidays and the kids' activities, it is sometimes hard to get everything do! I am hosting Christmas Eve at my house tonight with my side of the family, so that is keeping us busy! Dan and the kids just left, Dan thought that taking the kids shopping on Christmas Eve was less stressful than being around me while I am cleaning...now, I have been shopping with my children in the last couple of weeks and it is not pretty...I wonder what he is trying to tell me?!?!
I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday Season! No matter what holiday it is that you are celebrating, don't forget to take a break from your shopping or crazed cleaning (in my case) to enjoy the time that you have with your family and friends...I am going to go finish picking up, and when the boys get back, I think I will call it good and get started on the Gingerbread house we have been meaning to make! No time like the present! Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself.
What am I thankful for?!?! I am thankful for a loving family and children, several great groups of friends, loving teachers to care for my children (and no, I have not forgotten our previous rockstar teachers!), baking cookies with friends (okay, all I did was decorate), and no drip windex!
Much Love,